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Born and raised in Sao Paulo Brazil, Andrei Fossari loved music from a young age. As a teenager Andrei was already successfully DJing in the trendy clubs of Sao Paulo. Andrei is not just a DJ but a musician, which sets him apart from the majority of EDM Dj’s. At the age of 20 Andrei took up the piano and studied classical music. After earning a music degree from the Faculdade Santa Marcelina, Andrei formed a jazz group, The Fossari Group, which he led. He then set about opening his own music studio and began producing electronic music, trance, house, disco, electro, and other various styles, until he finally made the decision to return to the music scene as a DJ.


Andrei Fossari describes his current musical style as a mix of Progressive House, Electro House, Dance, and Pop. His distinctive sound comes from being a musician who plays piano, guitar, and percussion as well as his multinational background - being part Italian, German, Portuguese, and native Brazilian. Throw in the influences of being able to speak Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and French along with his technical skills of being an accomplished composer, producer, sound engineer who is adept at both mixing and mastering, and you will just scratch the surface of what forms the current Andrei Fossari EDM sound.


In late 2013 Andrei travelled from Sao Paulo to sign a record deal with the Nightstand Music Group (NMG). Andrei will have a busy year in 2014 as he will be releasing multiple new singles, multiple videos, and finally a full length cd. His first single and video to be released is called “Meta” and will introduce the world to Andrei Fossari and his unique Brazilian-flavored EDM! 


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